Automotive Testing & Lab Equipment's

Automotive Testing & Lab Equipment's

We offer a unique combination of best-in-class technologies, expertise, services and support spanning the entire automation paradigm –

  • Remote SCADA and Telemetry   (Pipe Line Scada)
  • PLC/PAC /VFD & scada (Process Automation Systems)
  • The Other Major Applications shall be:

    •Compressors,/ Fans/ Pumps/ Crane Control
    •Drilling Process Automation
    •Boiler/ BOP Control
    •Solar Plant Automation
    •Hydro Power Plant SCADA
    •Coal/ Ash Handling System

    The right process automation solution must have technologies developed with safety and reliability, be robust enough to support a variety of applications, and have the right lifecycle support to ensure the Real-time Data for lowest cost of ownership over the life of the asset.