Schneider Electric ATV310HU22N4E Variable Speed Drive

Schneider Electric ATV310HU22N4E ATV310, 2.2 kW, 3 hp, 380...460 V, 3 phase, without filter, Variable Speed Drive.


This Easy Altivar 310 drive is a frequency inverter for three-phase asynchronous motors. Its protection index is IP20. It works at a rated power of up to 2.2kW/3HP and a rated voltage from 380V to 460V AC. Its compact size, robust design, and ease of installation, based on the principle of plug and play and its integrated functions, make it particularly suitable for applications involving industrial machines and certain consumer machines. It offers high readability of key parameters thanks to a bright LED 4-digit display. Underload and overload detection help to protect your installation. It weighs 1.1kg, and its dimensions are 105mm wide, 143mm high, 151mm deep. This drive incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications, including textile machines, machine tools, wood-making machines, material handling, packaging and printing machines, and ceramic machine.

Brand Name: Schneider Electric
Model No: ATV310HU22N4E
Type: Variable Speed Drive
Protection Class: IP20
Series: Altivar 310
Power At Normal Duty(hp): 3 hp
Power At Normal Duty(kW): 2.2 kW Volt
communication port protocol: Modbus
supply frequency: 50/60 Hz +/- 5 %
nominal switching frequency: 4 kHz
Output voltage: 380...460 V three phase
network number of phases: Three phase
[Us] rated supply voltage: 380...460 V - 15...10 %
motor power kW: 2.2 kW
motor power hp: 3 hp
noise level: 50 dB
EMC filter: Without EMC filter
communication port protocol: Modbus
connector type: RJ45 (on front face) for Modbus
physical interface: 2-wire RS 485 for Modbus
transmission frame: RTU for Modbus

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