Schneider Electric Altivar ATV212HU75N4 Variable Speed Drive,

Schneider Electric Altivar ATV212HU75N4 Variable Speed Drive, 7.5kW - 10hp - 480V - 3ph - EMC - IP21.


This Altivar 212 variable speed drive can feed 3-phase asynchronous motors. Its protection index is IP21, and it has a built-in EMC filter. It works at a rated power of up to 7.5kW / 10hp and a rated voltage from 380V to 480V AC. Its design is based on eco-energy with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 70% compared to a conventional control system. Thanks to its cable temperature rise reduction technology, the Altivar 212 drive offers immediate, disturbance-free operation avoiding additional options such as a line choke or DC choke to deal with current harmonics. It weighs 6.45kg, and its dimensions are 180mm wide, 232mm high, and 170mm deep. It is specifically designed for the most common fluid management applications in tertiary sector buildings (HVAC), like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and pumping. It is eco-friendly and complies with directives such as RoHS, WEEE, etc., relating to environmental protection.

Brand Name : Schneider Electric
Model No: ATV212HU75N4
Type: Variable Speed Drive
Protection Class: IP20
Series: Altivar 212
network number of phases: 3 phases
motor power kW: 7.5 kW
motor power hp: 10 hp
supply voltage limits: 323…528 V
supply frequency: 50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
line current: 11.7 A at 480 V, 14.7 A at 380 V
[Us] rated supply voltage: 380...480 V - 15...10 %
EMC filter: Class C2 EMC filter integrated
IP degree of protection: IP21
apparent power: 12.2 kVA at 380 V
continuous output current: 16 A at 380 V, 16 A at 460 V
maximum transient current: 17.6 A for 60 s
speed drive output frequency: 0.5…200 Hz
speed range: 1…10

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