Variable speed drive

Variable speed drive, Altivar Process ATV600, ATV650, 15 kW, 400...480 V, IP55


This Altivar Process ATV600 variable speed drive can feed 3-phase synchronous and asynchronous power motors. It features 3 built-in RJ45 communication ports as standard, 1 Ethernet port, 2 serial ports. It works at a rated supply voltage from 380V to 480V AC. This drive provides up to 30% energy saving when on standby due to the innovative ‘‘Stop and Go’’operation without additional costs. It is suitable for motors with power rating up to 15kW / 20hp for applications requiring slight overload (up to 120%). It is suitable for motors with power rating up to 11kW / 15hp for applications requiring significant overload (up to 150%). It weighs 19.6kg and its dimensions are, 264mm wide, 678mm high, 299mm deep.  This drive is focused on fluids management processing and energy saving, it offers extensive flexibility in water and wastewater, mining, minerals and metals, oil and gas and food and beverage applications.  Accessories (fan kit, graphic display terminal) and options (I/O expansion modules, communication modules, EMC input filters) are available with Altivar Process ATV600 drives, depending on the drive rating.  It is designed to be mounted in vertical position (+/- 10 °) on a wall. This new concept of drives meets the major needs of process and utilities in terms of equipment efficiency and total cost of ownership by supporting the energy management, asset management and also the overall performance of the process.           

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