X-STREAM Process Gas Analyzers

The X-STREAM process gas analyzer is perfect for multi-component analysis. It uses non-dispersive infrared, ultraviolet, and visible photometry (NDIR/UV/VIS), paramagnetic and electrochemical oxygen (pO2/eO2), and thermal conductivity (TCD) sensor technologies, as well as trace oxygen (trace O2) and trace moisture (trace H2O) for consistent, precise process gas measurement. X-STREAM measures up to five components in various combinations and its versatile design allows physical benches to be installed in their own compartment, separate from the electronics.

X-STREAM Enhanced Process Gas Analyzers

Rosemount Analytical sets new standards of ease of use with the X-STREAM Enhanced process gas analyzer. With a unique web browser interface that securely enables remote diagnostics without additional software installation and provides a host of convenient new features and user capabilities, the X-STREAM Enhanced simplifies the analytical experience.