Schneider Electric

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC is the global specialist in Energy Management & Automation. We Deal in full range of Industrial Automation Products including PLC , AC Drives, Servo Motors & Drives , HMI , SCADA software and Softstarters.


Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric deals with Industrial Automation Products including PLC, SCADA Software, AC Drives, Softstarter & Instrumentation Products like Pressure Transmitter, Gas Analyzers, Temperature Controller etc. It also provides CEMS, PID Controllers, Industrial Power Supply Equipments. Fuji Electric was established in 2009 , headquartered in Mumbai with a Pan-India presence.



SCHAFFNER is Internationally renowned in the fields of Electromagnetic Compatiblity and Power Quality, Supplying Components that support the Efficient and Realiable use of Electric Energy. Customers benefit from the technological know-how of the Schaffner Group in the Development.


Moog India

MOOG ia a world leader in motion technology, optical components and electronic systems. Moog deals in different types of slips rings like Miniature Slip Rings, through – Bore Slip Rings, Pitch control Slip Rings, High Speed Slip Rings, Compact Capsules Slip Rings etc . We also provide Moog Linear Motors, Brushes Motors, Servo Motors & Control Valves.



Raytek & Ircon are the world’s leading brands for Non Contact IR Temperature Measurement in hostile thermal environments. Fluke Process Instruments is the Market Leader in various Segments and are having the most Reliable, Durable Accurate, and User-Friendly Product Range like Endurance For Single / 2-color for Low & High Temperature Measurement.