Pressure transmitter is used as the core product for the MIDAS range for applications requiring reliable implementation of measuring tasks with long-term stability and outstanding value for the money. The MIDAS range provides solutions for all applications on the basis of this core product. The innovative and patented sensor design of the specifically developed ceramic sensor provides excellent long-term stability of < 0.2 %. It can be used for recording relative pressures of 0 to 1.6 bar up to 0 to 60 bar in gaseous or liquid media.

  • Process reliability
    The high quality of every pressure transmitter is ensured by the full final inspection within the fully automatic measuring and calibration facility. The ceramic measuring cell made of aluminum oxide has an excellent long-term stability and a high overload resistance. These features are the result of the used sensor material and a special calibration process. 
  • Economical
    The QUICKON quick-clamp technology enables quicker and safer installation. The connection is even guaranteed with any temperature fluctuations that may occur thanks to the spring contacts. This electrical connection means that installation times can be shortened and as a result, costs are reduced by 60 % compared to conventional connection options.
  • Versatile
    The universal application is reflected by the wide choice of measuring ranges, process connections, and electrical connections. 


  • Compressors
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Industrial pneumatics
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Building technology