Reckers Automation can match your specific equipment or process with the best process controls and automation system for your application. Our process experience and knowledge combines with our intimate familiarity with the latest control and automation components and software.  We customize the solution to meet your exact requirements and needs. Whether you need to upgrade your present system to meet changing requirements, or need a fully automated control system for a new process application, we have the expertise in designing and building automation systems for customers worldwide.

While batching and weighing system applications are the foundation of our expertise, our experience is diverse in many other facets of the bulk solids and liquid processing. This includes the process controls and automation of pneumatic material handling systems, grinding systems, mechanical conveying equipment, mixing/blending equipment, material transfer and movement within the plant, truck/rail loading and unloading systems, compaction systems, and more.

Automated Process Controls Solutions features include:
  • Dry and liquid material handling systems
  • Major, minor, and micro ingredient automation
  • Batching and blending automation
  • Electrical control of all process equipment, including MCC’s
  • Complete plant process control systems
  • Feed mill Automation
  • Micro, minor and bulk material weighing systems
  • Pneumatic Conveying (Pressure, Vacuum & Dilute)
  • Mechanical Conveying Systems (Augers, Drag Conveyors, Bucket Elevators…)
  • Particle Reduction Systems (Fine Grinders, Classifier Mills…)
  • Agglomeration Systems (Compaction)
  • Grinding Systems (Hammer mill, Roller mill, others)
  • Screening/Sifting Systems
  • Pellet Mill Systems
  • Truck & Rail Filling & Unloading Systems
  • Lot Tracking, Tractability and Validation
  • Tank Filling & Unloading Systems
  • Supervisory Remote Control
  • Maintenance Program Scheduling