Lexium 62 Single Drive 15 A - accessory kit included

Schneider Electric:- Lexium 62 Single Drive 15 A - accessory kit included


This product is part of the Lexium 62 & Motors range, an offer of servo drives. The single drive features SERCOS III physical interface. It offers 2 digital/2 touch probe inputs and 2 digital outputs. It is a single drive with a rated supply voltage of 24VDC, a continuous output current of 5A at 4kHz and a continuous power of 2.4kW. It is furnished with connectors for electrical connection. It is an IP20 rated product. It weighs 3kg. It is suitable for general machine control, packaging machine automation and material handling applications. This product is certified by CE, CSA, EAC, TUV and UL. It meets CSA C22.2 No 14, EN 61800-5-1, EN/ISO 13849-1, EN/ISO 13849-2, UL 508C, EN 62061 and IEC 61508 standards. This product is compatible with servo motor SH3 (70mm, 2 motor stacks) and servo motor SH3 (70mm, 3 motor stacks). It includes accessory kit. Lexium 62 multi-axis servo systems can be controlled with all PacDrive 3 LMC motion controllers of the Pro/Pro2 and Eco series via SERCOS communication. Multi axis servo drives and servo motors from 0.95kW to 24kW for PacDrive based automation solutions.