Logic controller, Modicon M258, compact base 66 + 4 I/O, 24 V DC

Logic controller, Modicon M258, compact base 66 + 4 I/O, 24 V DC


This product is part of the Modicon M258 range, an offer of logic controllers for high performance machine builders. It has 66 logic I/O. It is supplied with 24V dc, and embeds 5 communication ports, 1 RS232/RS485 serial link, 1 USB mini-B programming port, 1 USB type A program transfer port, 1 Ethernet port and 1 CANopen port. Plus 2 free slots PCI. It is supplied with I/O modules with a removable terminal block with locking lever and a display block showing the I/O states, power supply module with removable terminal block and locking lever. This controller embeds a performant CPU , several communication ports as Ethernet & CANopen master and advanced built-in features as data logging, WebServer and FTP server. Discrete input logic type are sink for fast inputs, sink for regular inputs, and source for logic inputs. Analog input type are current 0mA to 20mA or 4mA to 20mA, voltage +/- 10V. Discrete output logic type is source. There is an isolation between channels 500Vrms and internal logic and no isolation between channels. It supports 128MB flash and 64MB internal RAM memory. It is an IP20 rated product. Its dimensions are 262.5mm (Width) x 85mm (Depth) x 99mm (Height). It weighs 0.8kg. It is suitable for used in general machine control, conveying and packaging applications. This product is certified by CE, GOST-R CSA, C-Tick and CULus. It meets IEC 61131-2, CSA C22.2 No 213, CSA C22.2 No 142 and UL 508 standards. The capacity of M258 logic controllers can be enhanced with the Modicon TM5 expansion module offer. This controller is also equipped with a locking lever for mounting/dismounting on symmetrical DIN rail. Compact and totally expandable, the Modicon M258 Logic Controllers are designated to the machine builders (OEMs) by offering performant solutions in terms of speed control, high speed counting, motion and communication networks. 30% saving time in assembly, wiring and commissioning.

  • Performance, openess and flexibility
  • Expendable solution from 42 to 2400 I/O
  • Dedicated for general machine control applications such as packaging, conveying, and hoisting
  • Expandable logic controllers with the use of modular I/O system Modicon TM5 for Digital, Analog, Safe and Expert I/O
  • Part of the "Flexible Machine Control", and benefit of a single software environment: EcoStruxure Machine Expert

Range of product: Modicon M258
Product or component type: Logic controller
Discrete I/O number: 66
Analogue input number: 4
discrete output number: 24 output, 4 fast output
discrete input number: 10 for fast input, 24 for input, 4 for regular input
discrete input logic: Sink for fast input, Sink for regular input, Source for input
Discrete input voltage: 24 V
Discrete input voltage type: DC
voltage state 1 guaranteed: >= 15 V for fast input, >= 15 V for fast output, >= 15 V for regular input
voltage state 0 guaranteed: <= 5 V for fast input, <= 5 V for fast output, <= 5 V for regular input
discrete input current: 4 mA for fast input, 4 mA for regular input
input impedance: 6 kOhm for fast input, 6 kOhm for regular input
anti bounce filtering: 2 µs...4 ms configurable fast input/regular input and fast output
isolation between channels and internal logic: 500 Vrms AC
isolation between channels: None
Discrete output logic: Source
discrete output voltage: 24 V DC
Output voltage limits: 19.2...28.8 V
discrete output current: 4 mA for fast output
Supply voltage limits: 20.4…28.8 V
Power consumption in W: 18.11 W
IP degree of protection: IP20 conforming to IEC 61131-2

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