Schneider Electric Altivar ATV12HU22M2 Variable Speed Drive

Schneider Electric Altivar ATV12HU22M2 Variable Speed Drive, 2.2kW - 3hp - 200..240V - 1ph - with heat sink.


Altivar Machine ATV12 is an offer of variable speed drives for commercial equipment and simple machines. It works at a rated power up to 2.2kW / 3hp and a rated voltage from 200V to 240V AC. It is designed with heatsink for normal environments and fan-cooled enclosure. It has advanced PID and catch on the fly functions, basic cabling, and easy motor control setting. Based on the needs, it can be delivered without heatsink, with embedded EMC filter, or as standard version. The Altivar 12 drive integrates as standard the Modbus communication protocol. This Altivar Machine ATV12 is designed for simple applications, in industry, commercial machines and HVAC machines such as conveyors, pumps, extractors, access barriers and treadmills. It conforms to IEC, UL and other international standards. SoMove software compatibility enables saving and transfering of configurations to spare drive, reducing maintenance downtime. It features an optimized application of power and torque for ventilation and pumping applications, this allows up to 30% energy savings.

Brand Name: Schneider Electric
Part Number: ATV12HU22M2
Global Trade Identification Number: 03606480071102
Item Weight: 1.40 kilograms
Wattage: 0.18 k
motor power hp: 3 hp
Motor power kW: 2.2 kW
EMC filter: Integrated
connector type: 1 RJ45
speed drive output frequency: 0.5-400 Hz
speed range: 1-20
continuous output current: 10 A at 4 kHz

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