Schneider Electric Altivar ATV312HU22N4 Variable Speed Drive

Schneider Electric Altivar ATV312HU22N4 Variable Speed Drive, 2.2kW - 5.9kVA - 79W - 380..500 V- 3-phase supply.


This Altivar 312 3-phase variable speed drive has a rated power of 2.2kW, 5.9kVA, and a 380V to 500V AC rated output voltage. It is suitable for industrial machines such as materials handling and packaging, packing, textile machines, special machines, pumps, and fans. It has a compact form factor.

Brand Name: Schneider Electric
Model Number: ATV312HU22N4
Range of Product: Altivar 312
Product or Component Type: Variable Speed Drive
Product Destination: Asynchronous Motors
range of product: Altivar 312
component name: ATV312
motor power kW: 2.2 kW
motor power hp: 3 hp
EMC filter: Integrated
apparent power: 5.9 kVA
maximum transient current: 8.3 A for 60 s
power dissipation in W: 79 W at nominal load
speed range: 150

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