Motion Servo Drive2

motion servo drive, Lexium 28, single and three phase 200...230 V, 400 W


This product is part of the Lexium 28 range, an offer of motion servo drives for machines from 0.05 to 4.5kW. The motion servo drive without EMC filter, features a HMI interface 7-segment display with 5 buttons.  Thanks to its open communication concept, Lexium 28 servo drive can be easily integrated into numerous different control system architectures. It is a motion servo drive with a rated supply voltage of 220V (single and three phase), an output current of 7.8A at 220V, a power of 400W/0.53HP and a continuous power of 400W at 220V. It is furnished with spring terminal for electrical connection and RJ45 connectors for CANopen, CANmotion integrated communication interfaces. Physical interface is RS485 for Modbus Serial line slave. It is an IP20 rated product. Its dimensions are 55mm (Width) x 146mm (Depth) x 150mm (Height). It weighs 1kg.   This product is certified by CE, CSA and CULus. It meets EN/IEC 61800-5-1 standards. This product is compatible with servo motor BCH2 (60mm, 2 motor stacks) at 400W, servo motor BCH2 (80mm, 1 motor stacks) at 400W and servo motor BCH2 (130mm, 1 motor stacks) at 300W.   Lexium 28 and Lexium BCH2, the optimized servo bundle for all motion control solutions are cost effective, energy efficient and embedded safety. Lexium 28 servo drives and Lexium BCH2 servo motors, optimized servo bundles for compact machines.