Motion Servo Drive

Motion servo drive, Lexium 32, three phase supply voltage 208/480 V, 3 kW


This product is part of the Lexium 32 range, an offer of motion servo drives for machines from 0.15kW to 7kW. The AC motion servo drive for one axis, features with an integrated EMC filter, compact drive with analogue inputs and pulse train. It provides 2 safety, 6 logic discrete inputs and 5 discrete outputs. Thanks to its compact design this servo drive enables to save on cabinet space and size, reduces the machine footprint and decreases costs. It is a motion servo drive with a rated supply voltage of 200V to 240V, 380V to 480V (three phase), a continuous output current of 10A at 8kHz and a continuous power of 5600W at 400V. It is furnished with terminal for electrical connection and RJ45 connector for Modbus integrated communication interface. It is an IP20 rated product. Its dimensions are 68mm (Width) x 237mm (Depth) x 270mm (Height). It weighs 2.6kg.   This product is certified by CE, CSA, RoHS, TUV and UL. It meets EN/IEC 61800-3 and EN/IEC 61800-5-1 standards. This product is compatible with servo motors BMH and BSH.   Servo drive range with four servo drive models and two servo motor families plus an intelligent selection of options. It provides you with the drive and motor combination that has exactly the right power, performance and functionality.