MGPM20-20Z (20mm bore, 20mm stroke) Compact Guide Cylinder

Compact Guide Cylinder MGP Series


The new style MGP has a shorter guide rod and thinner plate resulting in a weight reduction of up to 17% over the original MGP.  The series is designed for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. The cylinder utilizes an ultra-compact design by incorporating the cylinder body as part of the guide body. As the stroke length increases, so does the bearing length, thus enhancing the cylinder s load bearing capacity. The MGP offers higher load capability, longer strokes, 2 port locations, switch mounting grooves on two sides, and a more versatile T-slot mounting than the MGQ series.

Cylinder Operation Method: Double Acting
Rod Operation Method: Single Rods
Main Body Shape: Guided
Cylinder (Tube) Inner Diameter: 20
Stroke(mm): 20
Additional Function: Standard / With rod detent function
Environment, Applications: Standard
Operating Temperature(°C): 10~60
Operating Pressure(MPa): 0.1~1
Cushion Rubber: cushions on both sides
Port thread type: Rc
Auto Switches: None